25 January, 2010

Mozillian Inspiration

I attended FOSS.IN conference for the first time in year 2003. I remember attending talks by Miguel, Nat, and Naba. I remember being totally inspired by the talks and people I met.

Next 3 years, I was constantly moving from one place to another, therefore could not get chance to attend the conference. So in year 2007, I was working in Mumbai and I was trilled to know that Mitchell Baker of Mozilla will be giving talk at FOSS.IN 2007. I decided to attend this one and did so.

I had listened to her talk audio at Stanford university's entrepreneurship corner and came to know that she worked as volunteer on Mozilla project when there was no funding. She described the difficulties faced by the team working on Mozilla project, when AOL lost interest in the project (because of IE's market share dominance). She described vision of Internet that provided the motivation through all these years and kept the team going. Talk is still available on the Standford entrepreneurship corner website.

So when I actually attended her talk at FOSS.IN 2007, it was awesome experience. Later I actually met her and told her how her commitment to Mozilla project for so many past so many years inspires me.

I took her autograph and so now every time I look at the autograph it reminds of people who had a vision for open Internet, their struggle through difficult years.

FOSS.IN 2007 had lots of talks on Mozilla Firefox. I enjoyed talk by Chris Hoffman and talk by Myk Melez on how to develop Firefox extensions.