31 October, 2011

My Dear Blog,

I am really sorry :-( that I forgot about you for a long period of time. You see the instant gratification of micro blogging took over me, but the truth is you are my real love. I can insert pictures, videos and nicely format the content. I can speak with you in many languages and play with you with in various fonts and sizes.

I can tell the whole world when and where we meet without worrying about what world comments on our relationship. You never let me commit a misstake mistake.

You are beautiful and I will never leave you ever. My only request to you is stay young, be friends of Google+ and other new micro-blogging applications. After you do want me to be famous and rich.


24 January, 2011

Winter Night

Winter Night

last night I walked down a foot path
saw three people, a girl and her parents
quietly and slowly eating food crumbs
while a dog lazily lay on their blankets
it is too cold, it is too chilly, to be on footpath
even the dog knows that

nothing to say, nothing to talk
just waiting for tomorrow's sunshine
night is long, too long for an empty stomach
it is too cold, it is too lonely, to be on footpath
even the dog knows that