18 November, 2006

Say No To Corruption

PM’s keynote address to conference of CBI & State Anti-Corruption Bureaus

"Our Government is also intending to bring forward a Public Services Bill before Parliament. The Bill will define a public services code of ethics and management. It will also protect whistleblowers and have the overall objective of developing public services as a professional, politically neutral, merit based, and accountable instrument for promoting good governance and better delivery of services to all our citizens.

When I recently watched the popular hindi movie, Lage Raho Munnabhai, the one incident that touched me most was the ordeal of a senior citizen trying to get his pension without having to pay a bribe. In stripping his clothes, as an act of protest, this pensioner was stripping our system, exposing the ugly nakedness of the self-aggrandisement of those who man our institutions of governance. Any system in which a retired senior citizen is required to pay a bribe to secure his legitimate dues is a most despicable system. Such corruption must be visited by the sternest action to reform, restructure and rejuvenate the system. The very legitimacy of the State and its various institutions is brought into question by such illegal exercise of power and authority."

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PM’s keynote address to conference of CBI & State Anti-Corruption Bureaus

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11 November, 2006

Algorithms and Optimization Job In Mumbai

My employer SkyTECH solutions is looking for engineers with background in operation research, optimization, algorithms, programming, travel/transportation/airlines industry.

The job will consists understanding business problems in transportation industry, creating a model (LP/MIP etc.), programming the model (in MathProg, AMPL, OPL or using C API).
This is a ideal job for those looking for small innovative companies with lot of freedom (to decide direction of the project), opportunities to meet clients and design solutions. Also you will work with small team of passionate, smart people with similar backgrounds.

Skills required will include passion for mathematics, algorithms, computers and motivation to use this technology to solve problems in the industry, government etc.

Specific skill requirement includes C/C++, basic knowledge of simplex algorithm, and mathematical programming languages. Experience with LP, MIP, CPLEX, GLPK will help.

The job location is Mumbai (India), may have to visit USA and other countries.

Update: You can send your resumes to me. I have a gmail account, id is vijay.patil.