21 January, 2009

At IdeaCampPune2

At IdeaCampPune2 on 17th January 2009.

First of all:
In case you downloaded version 0.4 of project design document, please visit project page and download version 0.5 which contains lot more useful information.

At IdeaCamp, I gave a small talk about project pune transit (publishing schedule on PMPML website) . The talk was scheduled towards the end (evening), so very few people were present (around 20, patient but tired), also got less time (15 mins instead of 45 mins).

Luckily in the morning, Dr. Anupam Saraph gave talk on "Shared information system" which includes projects like:
- http://government.wikia.com/wiki/Pune
- http://ciopune.in/
- Budget tracking
- Single platform for NGOs
- Virtual cards etc.

I won't describe details of his talk, but overall it is about creating a common platform for citizens for sharing useful information, using latest technology(blogs, wikies, twitter, GPS, SMS, smart cards etc.) as enabler. Then combining various types of information together to creating something useful (1 + 1 = 11). Some audience asked questions about how government organizations can participate (specifically PMC employees may not skills to use wiki etc.) to which answer there was not satisfactory answer. Right now focus is involving citizens.

I managed to relate my talk with above theme and how it fills one gap i.e. lot of useful information produced by and available with government organizations. For example, bus schedule is generated and managed by PMPML. Then I went on describing progress so far in making accurate schedule available to passengers and technical problems. I introduced me as volunteer working with PMPML and PTTF.

There were some suggestions about getting funding from Google etc. but we did not get much time for Q & A, which was disappointing. This talk was mainly aimed at technical audience interested in schedule data and s/w programs to analyze/process the data to produce useful outputs.

In the morning I managed to get hold of Mr. Saraph and showed him sample output. He is willing to add links from his projects, to PMPML website once schedule is uploaded, in other words, provide more exposure to schedule information. I also met Unmesh who is working with Mr. Saraph who is providing maps related expertize.

Finally thanks to volunteers who made this IdeaCamp possible.