26 October, 2012

Why do I blog often

Ten reasons why I write blog posts more often that you (looking at you):
  1. I have a leisurely lifestyle (side effect of being Single?)
  2. I live close to my work place and don't have to spend hours in traffic
  3. I don't have a TV. Long live Internet (Broadband) !
  4. I do not waste my money and time on Bollywood movies (where scripts are written only in 6 days).
  5. I want to be a Internet Contributor.
  6. I often fantasize that someday my soul mate will read my blog and finally we will meet.
  7. I type fast (not fastest).
  8. Thanks to Google data centers, my online blog posts will be indestructible and immortal.
  9. When not in front of computer I do interesting things and blog about them later.
  10. See reason #6.

10 October, 2012

Things I loved about Paris

  • Grandiose
  • Ancient
  • Artistic and Inspiring

  • Beautiful
  • Fashionable
  • Passionate, emotional, expressive (Kissing and hugging in public)
  • Courteous and hard working
  • Talkative 
  • Friendly once they like you

  • Eternal 
  • Mother nature
  • God's gift
  • Tall and Strong
  • Mysterious

  • Sophisticated 
  • Clean
  • Rubbing shoulders with Parisians
  • Scent of fellow passengers
  • Musicians in metro stations
  • Decent behavior
  • Very well dressed men and women as bus drivers
  • Fast
  • Spacious
  • Warm and clean
  • GPS based Passenger Information System

  • Fast
  • Expanding
  • Fun, Fast
  • Cheap
Food and Wine
Paris: Epitome of engineering, art, beauty and passion