15 September, 2012

Fun Trip and Team Work

Have you recently taken out your team (colleagues at work) out on nature trail and adventure trip?

We did recently. It is really fun way to open everyone and have social interaction. Most work places usually have some type of monotony and repetitive activities. Such trip help break that pattern and bring in some freshness and enthusiasm.

Here are some pictures from recent trip with my colleagues.

Mi and Mini Kayaking

Climbing Down Rocks

I learned an important lesson while we were playing a team game called Bricks". Sometimes you focus/think/worry too much on what/how others in the team should do and forget about your own individual contribution. I did a stupid mistake while thinking too much about what others should do and that put our team out of he contest. 

Next first do your jobs right and then advice others, it is like instructions given on airplane, first put oxygen mask on YOU and then help others.

So where are you taking your team out?