31 October, 2004

Time Travel

Today we will calculate time difference between Pune and Kolkata using longitude information. We will also try to calculate the approximate distance based on longitude and lattitude.

Kolkata22 30' N88 20' E
Pune18 34' N73 58' E

Difference in the Longitude = 88 20 E - 73 58 E = 14 22' ~= 14.37 degrees.

1 degree of Longitude = 4 Minutes (of your wristwatch)
14.37 d = 14.37 * 4 = 57.48 Minutes

Conclusion I am 1 Hr ahead in time :-) In Kolkata it gets dark at 5.30 PM.

Nows lets try distance d between Pune and Kolkata.

1 degree of Longitude = 111 Kms on equator.

The line joining Pune to Kolkata is no equator, so we have consider lattitude. We will take the average of lattitudes at two places i.e. 20.

d = 111 * cos(20) * 14.37 (Kms)
= 104.3 * 14.37 (Kms)
= 1498.87 (Kms)

The train ticket shows distance as 2020 Kms which makes sense because 'd' is straight line distance.

30 October, 2004

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Here in Kolkata Durga Puja festival was celebrated during 20-22 October.

Durga idols, decorations, pandals (marquee), social gatherings, music, dance, people wearing newly bought saries and kurtas, crowded jewelry shops, lights, sweets, colors, artists entertaining people with their art, it was awesome.

Till I own a digital camera I have to point you to outside source for photos.

Artists from Orissa

My search for social gatherings lead me to Eastern Zonal Cultural Center. Drama (with music) displaying fight between goddess Durga and daemon was performed. Dance of goddess Durga's Lion was fun to watch, imitation the movements of a lion. In the climax goddess Durga kills the daemon (Idols in the pandals depict this moment).
In next show Boys dressed like girls perform a danceform involving acrobatics.

Manipuri Dancers

"Since the creation of the universe from the dark, man (human being) is the only one gifted with 'rational thought process', using which he has become superior species."

"But as it is gifted, it suffers from a negative instincts like lust, obsession, greed, hate, arrogrance, jealousy"

Dancers perform to describe stories involving some of negative aspects and consequences.
I really like the part where dancers describe people of kalinga and its defeat to Emperor Ashoka.

After the show, I met one of the dancers and took her autograph. I also bought a wooden flute from local artists, he taught me to play sa-re-ga-ma-pa-dha-ni-sa.

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Saltlake City Map

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