03 December, 2007

Bangalore Conference

I will be attending open source conference FOSS.IN/2007, in Bangalore from 4th till 8th Dec. Drop me a mail if you want to hang out, discuss about airlines industry, algorithms to solve lp/mip, scheduling problems, Linux, computers etc. If there are music festivals going on somewhere in Bangalore, I would be interested.

At the conference I just want to have fun, learn some Javascript, about Linux (process scheduling part) Kernel, parallel processing. Also want to collect info about different option available for fast Internet connection and cheap hardware.

Recently I have been thinking about some of following problems:

- Collecting data from various sources and analyzing it and use it for making better decisions.
  • Patients diagnosis at hospitals.
  • Travel/transportation data.
  • Students performance in school and other places. This data can be combined with his/her preferences/hobbies and used to offer career advise.
- A cheap computer for student with very limited functionality, which will make teenage students ready for using "real" laptops. Basic functionality should allow them to type alphabets and words.

- Hardware re-cycling.
- Portable device to measure quality of air, water and food, quickly.