27 October, 2007

Saturday Morning and Powai Lake

Saturday morning, woke up around 8.45 AM, decided to have tea and donuts at Cafe Coffee Day and then go for jogging inside IIT.
I thought that I could easily walk from CCD to IIT, would be good idea as there is always traffic jam on that part of the road. However after getting to CCD, I realized that it's too much of a distance to walk, wish they had small road which goes over the lake directly into IIT, would be nice to cycle/jog/walk on a road over the lake.

Spent some time at Powai lake, nice water, enjoyed cool breeze, could see IIT building and RENAISSANCE hotel. There were bunch of boys swimming in the lake, don't know what exactly they were doing, finding pots, wooden buckets etc, probably thrown in the water in last week Durga Visarjan. This is of course a bad practice, throwing idols, plastics and other things in the water.

Saw few worker digging ground adjacent to road, for laying cables, mostly manual, even picking big rocks, can they not use machines? I saw similar use of primitive manual saws by workers clearing the trees on the road where I live.

Last weekend I cycled from my house to the CCD, via Mahakali Caves. There is small pass (kaccha road) which joins JV link road, before SEEPZ flyover. It was a challenging ride.