08 February, 2013

First Free Software, Next Open Data

I plan to give a talk on "Open data" at GNUnify 2013, SICSR Pune.

The talk will be based on my experience and attempts to make public data available on the Internet in standard format. Specifically:
+ Public transportation data in GTFS format
+ Accidents Statistics (various reports)

As Internet users in India grow, it becomes tremendously important to make useful public data available for citizens. Informed citizens is basic assumption of real vibrant and active democracy. Else few people will yield power and citizens will remain in dark.

I will give some examples of Govt. agencies who refuse the publish public data
+ RTO of any city like Pune should public vehicle registration and driving license related data. They have a page under construction for last 3 year.
+ Municipal corporation is supposed to public various useful map layers (gardens, no development zones, schools etc.)
+ Census information
+ Election voter registration statistics

It is not easy to find answers to these questions. This must change, and this talk is about how to achieve that change.