15 August, 2012

Internet Users in India : 2012 to 2015

Just watched a video from Google India:  Happy Independence Day from Google India - Lalitesh Katragadda. This is part of series of videos posted by Google India to celebrate India's 65th Independence Day.

Latitesh mentions number of Indians online using Internet:
  Year 2012 = 120 million
  Year 2015 = 420 million
No doubt this is a huge and impressive number of people, many of them would be new to Internet and would be definitely benefits tremendously thanks to advertisement based models of Internet applications (e-mail, chat, online storage of pictures, videos and news).

I think of Internet users into two broad categories, based on what activity user predominantly (most of times) does on Internet.

Passive Internet User Internet Contributor
Searches for job, house and spouse Buys and sells on Internet market places
Reads e-mails for personal purpose Writes e-mails for all purposes, uses online tools for creating documents
Reads news, blogs, celebrity twits Writes articles on topics of interest, reports local news, citizen journalism.
Reads articles on wiki Writes, edits wiki articles on familiar/local topics
Watches Online videos Uses educational videos and courses on classrooms/training etc.
Uses Online maps Adds missing data to local maps using online tools

It is going to be interesting to watch how those of 420 millions people fall into above two categories. We all would hope for greater percentage of Internet contributors that would make Internet a decent and fun place to visit in 2015.
Few of Interesting factors to think about future of Internet in India:
  • What kind of connection (slow, broadband, 2G, 3G) will user have to Internet?
  • Will users restrain themselves from creating hateful/obscene content that will give Indian government a very good excuse to curtain/control freedom that Internet users currently enjoy?

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