05 June, 2012

A TV Channel Based on User Created Content

 Two facts :

Fact #1 
YouTube and other video hosting sites have some real gems that educate you (like that video from Khan academy about Greek debt), make you laugh (so many of them). However not everyone has access to high speed Internet needed to watch high quality videos, not do people have time to search and find those gems buried under tons other not so good videos.

Fact #2 
For whatever reasons there is not much original content on Indian TV channels, especially content that appeals to young people. News channel s are worst, with very little of genuine journalism and research.

So LET there be a TV channel that picks gems (good video and photo content) from youtube etc and broadcast to TV channel audience. Of course copyright issue needs to be studied & addressed, but if these TV channels could give some financial incentive for anyone, anywhere in India to produce a good content and upload it, then it is win (creator) - win (TV channel) - win channel audience) situation.

For example: Imagine some thing like Kolavari, before it became sensation gets picked by the TV channel and broadcasted. It would be a super sensation.

In other words, TV channel acts as a filter (that will pick good content) and then amplifier/booster (broadcasting to those who do not have hi speed Internet, but have TV). As more and more people have access to good quality cameras and camcorders there will be lot of gems waiting to be discovered.

For example: Some house wife somewhere in India might have a really great recipe, her husband could video record and upload it. However it is unlikely to reach large no. of people. TV channel could pick it up and make it a popular.