23 March, 2012

Orange Thing

I am extra careful about commitment to any object, especially big object in my life. So when it comes to "owning" something that is :
  • Big, heavy weighs more than 500 Kg.
  • will need lot of money to keep it going.
  • I will be responsible for carrying it around everywhere I go without feeling embarrassed.
  • I will be responsible any of it's mistake.
I had to do lot of research. Which I did.
I am now proud owner of Orange (not the fruit) TATA (let me complete) Nano (almost done) Small (finally) Car. Don't believe me, here is the proof:

Orange and Flowers, in Green Backdrop

First impressions:
  • Good choice as first car (when you are not sure of your driving skills and you are wondering how you really got the driving license).
  • Compact, easy to drive, park on narrow roads.
  • Spacious
  • Bit noisy (in first and second gear), but not annoying.
  • Brakes are not very quick, so you need keep extra distance at high speeds.
  • Suspension is OK, be ready to feel every pothole on the road.

Next episode (How did someone passionate about public transportation tuned into a car driving idiot, with no passengers, struck in traffic jam?), stay tuned ...