24 June, 2007

Mumbai Rain

Yesterday (June 23rd 2007) huge amount of rain poured in Mumbai. In the evening, I went to IITB bookshop hoping to get book '(Matrix Computations by Golub et. al.), I should have checked forecast before going out.

At around 7.30 PM large dark clouds gathered in the sky and huge downpour started. I was carrying a umbrella, started walking towards the gate. I decided to go back to home as soon as possible and picked an auto rickshaw.

There is lot of construction going on starting from IIT main gate till hiranandani and Navy training institute. There are no signs "Under construction", so any driver new to the area, its dangerous driving especially in the rain. I saw a car tilted with its left hand side tires beyond the left border of the road. Due to huge level gap car tilted.

There was water everywhere on the road. Near Cafe Coffee Day there was huge amount of water. We were worried about possibility of auto rickshaw breaking down due to water getting into its electrical system. Thats exactly what happened.

I got down, help driver for some time and later got into another auto. To cut the story short, I finally reached home safely, full wet. Two more places to note down where there was water logging are, link road before SEEPZ flyover, and in front of Akruti Center.

Lessons learned :
  • Check local forecast for possible thunderstorms before you venture out in the city.
  • Do not expect much (overestimate) of roads/infrastructure in general, at least for few more years.
There is lot of good work (road,fly-overs, underground drainage) done, but lot remains to be done, and at some places its not up to to the mark. Is it possible that there is lack of enough competent civil engineers?