06 January, 2007

Victoria Memorial Architecture

Its made of marble.
From official website of Victoria Memorial, page on architecture.

"The building is 184 ft high upto the base of the figure of Victory, which is another 16 ft high. The groups of figures above the north porch represent Motherhood, Prudence and Learning. Surrounding the main dome are figures of Art, Architecture, Justice, Charity etc. The Memorial is situated on a 64 acres of land with the building covering 338 ft by 228ft."

On the top of dome is 16 ft high statue of angel.
On left hand side is photo of angel being made in Italy (around 1920). (source: http://www.victoriamemorial-cal.org/architecture.html).
Few months back I read in the newspaper that the angels statue actually used rotate (around verticle axis), however now its struct because of some mechanical problems.