13 May, 2005

Pune Municipal Transport

A friend's mail ignited my passions about public transport systems and productivity of people. :-)

So follwing is letter, I wrote to PMT on July 2004. If I remember correctly, PMT people said me that they will be putting data (schedule etc.) on a new website. I just googled for it, could not find. Do you know it, oh, you smart reader of my blog? then do not hesitate to mail me : vijay.patil -ta- gmail.com

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General Manager
Pune Municipal Transport,
Pune, India
Subject: Request for data about bus routes, bus stops etc. for academic or
experimental software project(s)

Dear Sir,
I am an independent software programmer interested in academic or experimental software projects related to public transport.

One such software project is designed to help people to access information about bus routes between different bus stops using Internet. This project is referred as Pune Navigator in this document.

Similar project called Mumbai Navigator has been successfully done by Prof. Abhiram G. Ranade and his students at Computer Science and Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. BEST who operates bus service in Mumbai provided the required data. Mumbai Navigator is very popular among the users. Pune Navigator will involve small changes in the existing software. Prof. Ranade has kindly agreed to make those changes once the data about bus routes, bus stops is made available. I am making a formal request to you for the data on his behalf.

Following will be the main benefits of Pune Navigator.

+ Benefits For People (Users of PMT Bus service)

1. User will see different routes of PMT bus services between any two bus stops.
2. User will see estimated fare in Rs. between two bus stops and frequency of buses.
3. People will come to know about changes in the bus routes (new bus routes,
cancelled bus routes) immediately.
4. Use of computers, Internet is rapidly increasing among people due to factors like
low costs, useful software & services, educational value etc. Pune Navigator will
be easily accessible using any computer (at home, office, school, hospitals etc.)
having Internet connection. This will help people to plan properly.

+ Typical user profiles
Students, senior citizens, IT professionals, business visitors, tourists etc.

+ Benefits For PMT
1. Pune Navigator will indirectly to add more users to PMT bus service. This will positively affect PMT revenues.

2. Use of software for better management. The data about bus routes, frequency and bus stops will be entered and stored in a database. This will help to add, access, and modify data easily. PMT Managers will be able obtain specific information quickly which will help them to make quick decisions.

3. Good starting point for more elaborate software projects (which PMT might undertake in future) for increasing revenues, increasing quality of service, and better management.

To start the work on the project, I kindly request you to make available following data about PMT bus service.

1. List of all bus routes
2. Round trip time for each route
3. Frequency of each route
4. List of all main bus stops (name of the bus stop and stop code number)
5. Distance in KMs between different bus stops
6. Other related data of potential usefulness

You can contact me or Professor Ranade for more information.

Note: Mumbai Navigator can be accessed using Internet at following URL: